The Dragon Tattoo, On Hand and Chest, For Men

The Dragon Tattoo {almost finished}, originally uploaded by Pink Sherbet Photography.

Dragon tattoos are popular mainly because dragons have always been an object of curiosity and fascination. Another reason for the popularity of dragon tattoos lies in the success of movies and books like the 'Lord of the Tings and 'Eragon' and games such as 'Dungeons and Dragons.'

They can also symbolize many different ideas and emotions from luck and freedom to rage and destruction. Just as there are many types of dragons, there are also many types of dragon tattoos. These include, but are not limited to, medieval dragons, Celtic dragons, Asian-inspired dragons, and tribal dragons.

Just like dragons themselves, dragon tattoos can symbolize many different things. A dragon tattoo on a man usually symbolizes power or protection. Historically, men are considered the guardians of society and the family and dragons are often used to symbolize guardianship and wisdom. Dragon tattoos on women often signify women as the beginning of life. These tattoos also represent grace and reserved strength.

The popularity of these designs may seem recent but they have always been a popular subject for artists. When considering a depiction, there are many types of dragons to choose from. It is important to take the time to research the history and meaning of different types of dragons in order to make an informed choice.