Butterfly Tattoo On Back, Upper Side

2008 10 01 Jenny-Dobrila – butterfly tattoo (64i), originally uploaded by pierre-marius M.

Celebrities with Butterfly Tattoos
As celebrities continue to pave the way in the world of fashion, they also have a profound effect on the tattoo industry. Here is a short list of popular female personalities who have butterfly tattoos of their own:

DREW BARRYMORE / Actress: Butterfly tattoo beneath naval

MARIAH CAREY / SINGER: Butterfly tattoo on lower back

LITA FORD / Musician: Butterfly tattoo on right buttock

WILLA FORD / Musician: Butterfly tattoos on lower right side of neck and lower abdomen

DOLLY PARTON / Singer: Butterfly tattoo on chest

PARIS HILTON / Model: Butterfly tattoo between shoulder blades