Dragon and Pheonix Tattoo on Woman's Back and Shoulder

Dragon and Pheonix tattoo on woman, originally uploaded by JapaneseBoy.

Dragons symbolize knowledge and were depicted as guardians of great treasure. Sumerian dragons were cunning and devious. It was believed that Babylonian's dragons helped create the world. The Chinese believe that their dragons are the true dragons and they are depicted with five claws. They have a rich history in Chinese culture and are a symbol of imperial strength and power. Japanese dragons have four claws instead of five. One of the most famous of the Japanese dragons is depicted as a caring husband and father.

In England, dragons were seen as destructive and dangerous and were often slain by heroes and knights in legends. Russian dragons are depicted with three heads and seven tails. African dragons are the rainbow-colored companion of the god, Nana-Buluku. This dragon is often depicted forming a circle around the earth with its tail in its mouth.

The internet is the perfect resource for finding a design for dragon tattoos. It is no longer necessary to visit a tattoo shop in order to choose your design. For the most part, there are three types of websites that offer images for tattoos. There are sites that offer free designs to look through, there are sites with subscription fees, and there are sites that charge for downloading a single design. It may be tempting to limit the search to the free sites but the quality of the designs and images can be substandard. Subscription sites often accept donated designs and may not be the best choice for high quality images. The third type of site, the type where you pay for each design, are typically the best way to find high quality images online. These sites will usually show the designs as a thumbnail image that can be browsed through for free. When the perfect design is found, a high quality image can be downloaded or printed for a fee.